After the Deportation, Acadians arrived and settled in the adjacent seigneuries of Bécancour, Godefroy and Roquetaillade. They came from Beaubassin, Sainte-Annedes- Pays-Bas and the Anglo-American colonies.

Between 1755 and 1758, hundreds of Acadians fled to Québec. By 1758, some of them had settled on land in the seigneurie of Bécancour, south of Lake Saint-Paul. A second group travelled along the Saint John River and the Grand-Portage to Cacouna. Around 1764 they arrived in the Godefroy seigneurie. Other Acadian families who had been deported to colonies along the American coast soon joined friends and family and developed the Roquetaillade seigneurie.

By 1787, these three groups of Acadians demanded their own parish, which they called Sainte-Marguerite or Godefroy. It was renamed Saint-Grégoire-le-Grand by the clergy when the parish was officially established in 1802. In 1965, it became an integral part of the City of Bécancour. The descendants of these Acadian refugees form one of the largest Acadian communities in Québec.

Source : texte inscrit sur le Monument.